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Each bot has its own integrated object database where it stores all of its data including conversations, users, responses, and scripts. You can browse your bot's knowledge base an import or export data using the JSON or CSV format.


The knowledge tab allows you to query, view, and edit the knowledge in your bot's knowledgebase.


Property Description
Filter Enter your knowledge data query string, use * as a wildcard.
Type Filter the results by the type of data.
Class Filter the results by the classification of data.
Pinned Filter only pinned data.
Sort Sort by Value, Name, Type, Creation date, Access date, and Access count.
Order Order by Ascending or Descending.


Icon Property Name Description
Menu Choose upload or import.
Upload Upload/Import objects from JSON or CSV (spreadsheet).
Import Import objects from JSON or CSV script in the script library.

Reports and Tasks

The reports page lets you manage your bot's knowledgebase by running common cleanup reports and tasks.


Property Description
Report Execute a predefined report.
Run Task Execute a predefined administrative task.


The worksheet let you execute adhoc Self code to process or query object in your bot's knowledgebase.


Property Description
Execute Execute the self code.


The status tab reports the bot's current database size. When the bot reaches its database limit, it will automatically garbage collect old objects and conversations.


Property Description
Delete All Caution, this is permanently delete everything from the bot's memory and bootstrap it with minimal knowledge.
Clear Cache This will clear your bots shared server-side cache. This can sometimes resolve issues your bot is having. This may affect any connected users.

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